February 25th 2019




☕OK buckle up we are going to look at honesty this week! I actually love this subject because it is a beautiful thing when we live clean, simple, honest lives, it just keeps everything clear and accessible to Him! 🙋 Honesty is basically the ability to look at something (or ourselves) and speak out the accuracy of what it is! Honesty is jepodised when we want to interfere, tamper with or distort what the evidence or fruit is of something, because we don’t like it, are ashamed of it, hate it or have some agenda to not identify it as truthful.🤦Let’s start with ourselves, it’s easy to look at things in progress and choose to not be honest about them. It’s easy to distort the reality of what we see and then build wrong things upon that dishonesty. I know that my life works when I am scrupulous about the reality of myself. I work hard to not allow distortion in my ability to be honest, because that then turns quickly into wrong, negative, harmful beliefs about myself and that then changes my behaviours.🌪️The ability to be honest with ourselves can be a beautiful, liberating lifestyle, because it simply acknowledges the true position of ourselves, and then relies on Him to help us change that or strengthen it! Let’s start today as we mean to go on, let’s choose to be honest about ourselves and enjoy the reliance on Him to secure that within is! #realitycheck! 🙋 #honestyallowsusaccess! 🙋

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