February 26th 2019


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☕ Honesty is definitely linked to being able to make good choices! When we are honest about things, why we are late, why we don’t want to do something, why we haven’t been around, whatever…. Then people respond to that because it sets an environment for trust! This isn’t always the case as you probably know, there are always exceptions, but on the whole when we are honest, people can connect to that! 🙋When we make excuses, tell little white lies or shrug our shoulders, it sets us up for a fall. 🤦 It amazes me how we take the risk to tell a lie (anything that is not real!!) but we won’t take the risk to tell the truth! Think about it! Excuses and not wanting to give real reasons for things are how we create dishonesty, a little bit of thought has to go into making excuses, so there is always an element of calculation and deceitfulness in there! 🤦The problem is, we have normalised these behaviours so we see them as no big deal and not harmful! The truth is, several of these little excuses create an ease, an ability, a skill of dishonesty to rise within us and before we know it, we are lying without thought, concern or consequence because it becomes second nature! 🤔 Today, let’s ask Him for greater awareness to address our ease of telling little white lies and making excuses, they are bad habits that lead to a greater ability to cover our tracks and create bigger lies about bigger things! Anything that is not real is not true, that’s what we have to remember as we build exactness in our lives! 🙏 #nottrue=not real! 🙋 #excusesarelies! 🤦

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