February 27th 2019




☕ There are many ways we can be dishonest! When we think about it, we picture calculated, evil intent to mislead others, but we know it’s a lot simpler than that! 🙄 Lying is the act of promoting something that is not accurate. It’s really important to have the right perspective of things because we can easily lie about them simply because we have distorted the reality! How many times have you been asked “what do you think of sister Mary chops?” 😂 And before you can think about it, out pops “I dislike her, I find her rude and not warm at all!” what that actually means was that you saw her in the car park at the store and waved, but she didn’t acknowledge you so she’s not nice right? 🤦It’s easy to create a lie from this distortion, she probably didn’t see you, but we don’t consider that right? Before you know it, a dishonest reputation is attached to sister Mary and she doesn’t stand a chance! 😱 Distortion is the key to dishonesty, so we need to make sure we are clear, accurate, informed, sure about the reality of our judgements, because they can cause so much harm to others, but also to our ability to be honest! We all do this from time to time but let’s make a conscious effort today to see clearly, not assume heart positions and create honest perceptions of others, situations and ourselves! If we can get this right, our lives can be more exact and sister Mary chops can have a chance!🤰 #honestperceptions🙋 #distortedperceptioncreatesdishonesty! 🤦

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