February 28th 2019




☕ Honesty is about keeping things clear at all times. It’s like having a window with smears on it, it distorts the sight and makes it difficult to look through, that’s what dishonesty looks like! 🙄 I think that if we are going to live honest lives, we have to love being clear and make purposed decisions to keep the path clear of junk we call fall over! I let someone down recently and it sucked! If I had just quickly responded to them honestly to explain my limitations at the moment I would not of confused them! 🤦 I had no intent to let them down, I simply did not act quickly enough to be honest, to make clear, to communicate my limitations and to let them know they mattered! 😢 Dishonesty can manifest as knowing what to do, but not doing it! Knowing when to do it, but putting it on a list! Knowing what to do, but telling yourself it’s OK to not do it at the right time! 🤦 Honest living is hearing and doing, responding when you know and being clear with others. We all fall short at times, but I hate it when it can be avoided. Let’s be clear that I am not calling us dishonest because we fall short, but our lack of doing what is right, listening to the knowing and not being quick can become dishonest because we know but change the plan because it’s easier for us in that moment! The dishonesty comes when we manipulate the knowing to serve our time, our preferences and our capacities, it makes everything complicated and we change the design! #knowingandoingkeepsushonest🙋 #bereal🙋

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