Per Diem

February 4th 2019

☕ This week we are going to look at two types of disappointment: when others disappoint us and when circumstances disappoint us! The reasons and responses behind them are very different so it’s important we know how to deal with them properly as we mature and grow in Him! 🌱 Disappointment is when our expectations have not been met, when things we thought were right don’t work out, when people say one thing and do another. I was riddled with disappointment last week, it was one thing after another, believing God was leading you to his preferred outcome and it not happening, people not being what they said they were, thinking you were reaching the top then realising you were actually at the bottom yardy yardy ya! 🤦We have to know how to deal with disappointment because it can crush us or inspire us depending on our sight and maturity to navigate through it! It can lead to frustration, anger, self pity, separation, giving up, hurt, crisis of faith and feelings of failure! 🤦Or it can kick start excitement and faith and ability to look harder, dig deeper and get closer to Him because He never disappoints us! This week, let’s ask for new sight as we mature in our expectations! Let’s understand Him better and let’s deal with ourselves better so we stop letting people down because of our flesh! 🙋 Time to trust and be trusted.. Wow! 💖 #dontdisappoint! 💖#Heneverdisappointsus! 💖

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