Per Diem

February 5th 2019

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☕ Let’s break this down today and look at when people let us down or we let others down!😱Disappointment is hand in hand with feelings of being let down and that is a horrible place to be in! It is true that we can not fulfil our commitments to people because our flesh takes over, we don’t want to pay the price, it’s too much of a commitment! Whatever the reason, there are times when we don’t do our part and it affects the bigger picture! The design of God is that we’re like dominoes, we are precisely placed together but when one dodges the fall needed, the whole line doesn’t respond! 🤦We disappoint when we are not living the life we should be, so we need to deal with it carefully. How do we love others whilst feeling the pain because they let us down? We go to Him! We ask for grace and patience and we pray for them with sincere hearts that are void of criticism. My goal is to never be the person that lets the brethren down! If I am on this journey, I am going to do it well and not cause my brother to stumble! That is my heart and my plan! Can you see now why knowing who you are is so vital? Being confident in Him? Being able to swiftly recover when we fall? Put God and His preferences first before our flesh? Everything we are is for the common cause, our community, our tribe and we are to represent Him accurately in all we do! Today, let’s review our ability to not let Him or others down because we won’t pay the cost to be accurate in the things of God. It really hurts when people let us down, it makes us question loyalties and motives and it separates us from the right people in our lives so be careful! It is a sure way to fracture the body of christ! No condemnation though! Let’s be swift to sort, quick to forgive and accurate in our promises and intents to others! Let’s mature and be accurate! #dontbetheonetodisappoint! 🙋#bewhatyousayyouare! 🙋

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