Per Diem

February 6th 2019



☕ Disappointment happens when others let us down or we have wrong expectations. It is vital that when we build our lives we build properly with clear, solid people and that we don’t have fairy tale expectations that cannot be fulfilled.🌠When things go wrong, we have to truly forgive others (or ask forgiveness if we are the ones doing the disappointing!) and then we need to go to God to ask for His way, so we can walk in it! 🚨When things go wrong, they went wrong for us not Him! So there is always a divine opportunity to be faithful and finish the race. I think disappointment is one of the big ones to deal with, it releases so many negative emotions and causes our plans to crumble, but we have to stop, forgive, and go to Him to show us the way! We then choose maturity and walk in it without unforgiveness, regret, anger or any other emotion that changes who we are if we let it! People are not always loyal because they can’t pay the price for something they want! This can be for many reasons, but they all pretty much come from the flesh! When God requires something of us, He always equips us to finish it, to become it and then be able to export it! Loyalty and sticking to the plan is part of not letting people down, but the disappointment usually kicks in when people run for the hills when things get hard! Today, let’s think about these key things:loyalty, sticking to it, being honest, forgiveness and accurate relationships with God and each other! Staying is a sign of giving, and giving is always the requirement! #beloyaltothejourney💖 #dontrunwhenitgetshard! 💖

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