Per Diem

February 7th 2019




☕Today let’s look at the disappointment of having a wrong expectation! We have all been there haven’t we? We have made hasty judgements on a situation or a person and assumed an outcome without any foundation or instruction from the Lord! 🙋 Usually we have wanted an outcome without a journey or a relationship proven over time, we have made assumptions and built actions upon them. This is tricky as when people don’t live up to those assumptions (they might not even know about them because they are in our heads!) we get disappointed as the whole Disney picture in our head is shattered! 🤦 We need to walk carefully and in exactness as we build our activity on solid, firm foundations that are calibrated by relationship, faith, prophetic sight and certainty!! Assumptions about how others will behave is a certainty for disappointment, and can cost us much, as we have to tear down and rebuild parts of our lives not authorised! When things are certain in Him, there is no disappointment or need to rebuild, and that’s the life I want! #preceptuponprecept! 💖#assumptionskill! 👆


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