Per Diem

February 8th 2019






☕ Disappointment is dangerous if not jumped on quickly because it can turn us into stone in a moment! There is something about disappointment that hardens our hearts and it can last for all our days if not careful! 😱 Let’s break it down… We all let others down at times, it’s a human position, so that is not the failure! The failure is when we don’t deal with it quickly and restore our faith and love in each other. The longer we play around with self pity, anger, blady blah stuff, the further we slip away from divine connections and purposed relationships designed in the heart of God for our good👆Disappointment is a major tool for separation, and that is simply not the intent of God! If we are separate from the right people in our lives, we are separate from God, that is how it works, so let’s not fool ourselves that a heart full of nonsense about our kin let’s us be close to Him, it doesn’t! 🙋All things will work for good in our lives if we cherish and protect our right relationships, disappointment becomes like a speck of dust we pick off our clothes rather than a huge garment we wrap ourselves in for fleshy comfort! Dealing with disappointment is about being brave! We bypass the pain and choose to trust, love and forgive with no sniff of being cowardly in our choices. The truth is, God responds quickly to us when we respond quickly to issues designed to separate us from life sources. There are consequences for our wrong choices, that is true, but there is also grace as we choose life today! #bebravenotacoward! 🙏 #guardthejourney! 🙏

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