Per Diem

February 9th 2019




☕Let’s finish looking at disappointment today by recapping on a few things! Disappointment is dangerous, it kills accurate relationships and breeds festering issues in our hearts.🤦It leads to a hard heart if we don’t jump on it quickly! We all are prone to disappointment and we all disappoint at times, that’s not the problem! It’s how quickly we deal with it that shows God our maturity and heart that is giving not stubborn and selfish. We need to always be brave and do what is right because we want to not because we have to!🙋 Our actions are futile if our heart is not connected to the intent of God. I think we just do little things to keep it all right and flowing and it then all adds up to significant change and transformation! We need to take risks with people and not let our hearts be hardened! The bottom line is that when we let others down or we are let down by others, we need to cover our hearts and not allow anything to settle because that changes us and before we know it, we are far away from those we need to be close to and we have drifted from Him! #bequick! 💖#donothardenyourheart! 🙏


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