February 13th 2019


John 15v11.png


☕ I think joy has a lot to do with being connected to the right things or people! I have recently had a time where I have had to draw away from certain relationships and situations because they were sucking the life out of me! 🙄 I have never been afraid to step away from things that steal my joy, but it’s hard when they are people you love! I have to guard my life, I can’t allow drama and nonsense to trip me up along the way. Sometimes it is right to step away from a flesh frenzy, and I realised that I was miserable but that misery had nothing to do with me!! 🙋How many times have you realised your lack of joy was nothing more than just being around the wrong people? We are what we surround ourselves with, so if that is people and their issues be careful, it can drag you down too! I choose today to connect to life, iron that sharpens iron, deep calling to deep and I understand I need to protect my journey from things that are not my business! 🤦Joy enables me to live, it is the capacity giver I need to run and stand in my faith on a daily basis. That means I need to protect it and guard the journey if I am to remain faithful to it! Let’s be mindful of that today, time to get rid of the drama that clutters our life! #guardthejourney! 🙋#walkawayfromdrama! 🙋

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