March 10th 2019




🦋Peace…. I value peace so much, it’s such a powerful position to be able to approach life from this platform, and guess what? We can live in peace every day because it’s a fruit of Him in us! 🙋 Peace is not a mushy, surreal state of mind that takes us out of reality, it’s actually quite the opposite! It’s a strength, a stability, a constant that enables us to be crystal clear, able to see and certain of all things! 💖It’s the stillness that our mind cannot give us freely, and it’s a position we need to do all things from! Peace is a type of resting we find in Him, we can be running hard in noise and activity and still have that stillness, that peace within! ❤️Today, let’s look at our day to day, our norm, do we live by and provide peace in circumstances, or are we fussy, erratic and bring uncertainty? Peace will enable us to conserve energy and impart stability in a frantic, chaotic world! 🌪️ Peace is a manifestation of correct relationship, correct connection and fit with Him and His people! Be the peace giver today, the one who provides the stability for life to be accurate and perspective to come!🔔#calmthestorm! ⚡ #nopeace=fuss🌪️

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