March 11th 2019


Ways to love.png


🦋 LOVE… Let’s finish the fruits of the spirit today on the greatest thing of all! 💖Agape love is the love that the world cannot give, it’s the love that sent his son to die for us, it’s the love that is not human and can make all wrong things right! Agape love is a spiritual love that is more powerful than a weapon in our hand. It enables us to forgive, to not be jealous, to love the unlovable and to love ourselves as He loves us! 🙋Human love is fickle, it wavers and bends in the wind, but the fruit of his love in us is the very foundation of our faith and it makes us strong and able to do the impossible! Agape enables us to impart Him, to have true representation and be sanctuary that no human goodwill could reach! Today, consider your ability to love, is it conditional? Do you love from a place of emotion or a place of purpose and divine intimacy? 🤔 Love is constant in Him, it’s unconditional and it keeps us in the intimacy of our faith…. Wow! 💖#loveenablesustobesanctuary! 💖 #lovethattheworldcannotgive! 💖

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