March 12th 2019




🦋Oh Lord, I have so much to say about negative thoughts I might have to post six times a day! 🤦😂 Let’s start at the very beginning here and establish some core truths… WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR THOUGHTS, WE ARE TOTALLY ABLE TO CHANGE THEM! 🎉This is important to believe because when we allow those doom and gloom thoughts to take the mic, 🎙️all hell can break loose! Everyone gets these thoughts, we are not told not to have them, but we are certainly told to take hold of them and not allow them to get going! We have Christ within us, so by nature we have power, light, strength, truth, hope, peace, the wholeness of who He is right there! 💖 When negativity comes, we are prompted by Holy Spirit to take it, lock it up and deal with it! God doesn’t take away the ability to have negative thoughts because He watches our self will at work, can we be obedient to the truth? what do we Choose to do in that moment? Do we have faith and activate heaven or do we wallow in self and kinda enjoy it because it’s an excuse to not be strong and take the easy way?🤦Today, let’s get real! Make the choice to choose life, to take thoughts captive and to put into practise what we say we believe! Every single day is a choice, every single day is possible and we are accountable and responsible for that, not Him! #chooselife! 🙋 #Dontmakeitharderthanithastobe! 🙋

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