March 13th 2019


Phil 4.png


🦋 This week as well as the post, I’ve popped up a word study for each of the Philippians 4 think upon words! It’s important we know HOW to think not just try to think! 🙋 We know that dealing with our thoughts is our responsibility, but it’s going to take determination, strength, faith and focus to do that. A negative thought is like an elephant sitting on your head! 🐘😵 The weight of it seems impossible to shift as it pushes you down into a place where you feel stuck! This is true! But He has given us a way out like He always does! we are graced to switch these thoughts that cause a physical paralysis onto higher things, and they lift us to a place of freedom! The secret is, we have to do it more than once, we have to form a habit and pattern for jumping on them quickly! We need to practice forever behaviours, and create a lifestyle of higher thinking which releases faith and hope in the darkest moment! 🙋Today, start your forever behaviour! If we can jump on the little foxes 🦊 every day, we are ready and able to deal with the elephants🐘 when they trample through our minds! Remember…. Thoughts always lead to behaviours, so choose today life, and take hold of the better way He has given to us! #dealwiththe🦊andthenyoucandealwiththe🐘#starttodayforeverbehaviour! 🙋

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