March 14th 2019




🦋 Negativity is like a greenhouse, it’s a forced environment that makes things grow really quickly!🌱 I know we are labouring this point, but we really have to jump on them quickly or we can really be in a place we don’t want to be in a moment! Negativity never just sits as a seed, it grows and thrives off our ability to allow it to take root and it gets overgrown and out of control in a moment! 🤦 Our spiritual architecture is that what we let grow in our hearts (minds) we become! Out of that position our mouth speaks and what we think we are! Can we see how important it is to keep our hearts clean, pure, truthful and we stay connected to the right people? Our environment is important to our thinking because those who we surround ourselves with influence that thinking. It may be people, it may be yourself and your own thoughts or it may be the influence of TV or virtual reality! Today, let’s think about who we let influence us and the state of our thought life, if we are in the Word, surrounded by the right people and able to jump on negative thoughts, we are living life in Him! 🙋How we think is completely in our power to change and navigate, so what are we going to do today? Sit in the pool of negativity and let that become who we are? Or take those thoughts captive and surround ourselves with healthy influences? 💪 #whatinfluencesyou?🤔 #Whoarewe? 🤔

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