March 15th 2019



🦋Today let’s look at considering our thoughts! You know that if you don’t pay attention to them you can let them chatter away for hours before you realise! Here is a little tool to use when a thought comes… 🤔T: Is it true? Not our version of true, but the real version! 🤔H: Does it honour God? If you spoke it out to your leader, would they agree? 🤔O: What is its origin? Were did it come from? Maybe your anger, your jealousy, your love or your faith? 🤔U: Is it uplifting? Is it going to take you higher or lower? 🤔G: Does it involve guilt? What’s the point of that? No condemnation in Christ! 🤔H: Is it helpful? Does it serve the cause or destroy it? 🤔T: Is it a temptation? It’s not always cake! We can be tempted to indulge negative thoughts even though we know it is wrong! 🤔S: Does it strengthen you? Every true thought from Him even correction strengthens us! This is how we take these thoughts captive! We take a moment and just check them out, like we would when we see a stranger in the playground! We just have to be bothered my friends, that’s the truth! Address it before it attaches itself to a negative emotion because then, it’s a whole different level of nonsense! 🤦 #bebotheredalways! 🙋 #walkcarefully! 🙋

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