March 16th 2019


Negative People.png


🦋 This might be a shock to you, but some people really love being negative! 😱 Ever been round them? We are all enjoying the sky being blue and they can’t wait to tell you that a storm is coming!🤦 Some people just can’t be encouraged, they resist the guidence out of the doom and shut every door of light you give them and that’s just exhausting!🚪Friends, the truth is we cannot be that person! We have to guard our hearts (minds) from ourselves! Being negative is a choice, we have established that this week, and the more we practise that choice on little 🦊, then we are able to deal with that better when the 🐘 Come! The bottom line is we have to deal with our mind, it’s the stage that He has set where our faith and belief meets Him! We have been equipped to submit our thoughts to Him, the grace to enable us is not expected from ourselves, but is given by Him!! All we have to do is not be defiant, stop the negative thoughts before an emotion attaches itself to them, and take that leap off the cliff with the assurance He will catch us and lead us to a place of certainty and faith! Don’t indulge negativity in yourself or others, it is designed to choke every seed of faith and exhaust us! That’s why negativity is such hard work, I know what I want, do you? 🙋 #taketheleap! 👆 #guardourhearts! 💖

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