March 17th 2019



🦋 Let’s finish where we started, Philippians 4 v 8! I have loved looking at dealing with our negativity this week, I feel that I can press through it all now when needed! 🙋 Remember some of the key things we looked at…. It really is a choice! Just because we are facing something terrible or hard, doesn’t mean we automatically look at it and think we can’t do it or fear it! Remember we are creating forever behaviour of jumping on the little foxes as they raise their heads! 🦊 We are choosing to create habits of taking thoughts captive before emotions attach themselves to them! In the kingdom of God, we need to remember something vital! Inches make miles! If we just try to jump on a big issue and muster up faith, hope, positivity, and joy it is really tricky and we are likely to fail, but if we practise everyday positions of faith, we are better equipped when the big stuff comes! We need to establish habits of positivity, habits of catching negativity before it settles, they are the inches that over time take us far, closer to Him! #inchesmakesmiles! ⏩ #createfaithhabits! 🙋

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