March 18th 2019




🦋 We are going to look at giving this week! Not just material things but of ourselves to Him and others! The world is a selfish place, flesh has no interest in the welfare of others and is programmed to look after number one! For us, giving is not a weak, passive option where we can religiously show how generous we are, it is a requirement of our faith that shows we understand that we are stewards of our lives not owners, and that love of God is our motivation not showing off! 🤦 We give because He is the greatest giver, He gave freely His only son for us. The worst thing ever is a person who helps another and then moans about it! “they didn’t say thankyou enough, you’d think they would buy me a gift to say thankyou, never again!” 😱 If we don’t understand the heart position on giving freely, we will never be able to represent Him accurately. Giving freely and cheerfully is simply the foundations of who we are, it reveals who has our heart and who we love! If it’s not given cheerfully, then it’s like it was never given! Today, consider what type of giver you are, a free one or a conditional one? 🤔 #givingisliving🤸 #givingisa💖position!

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