March 19th 2019


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🦋 Giving has to be the strongest behaviour in us! If we are not givers, we are violating the very core of how our life works in Him! We have to be smart in our giving don’t get me wrong! We have to be led, know what’s prompted and make sure we are not foolish along the way, but we cannot be stingy, self resourced or deaf to the cries of the needy! We are not designed to be full when those around us are empty, we take what we need and then we share what is left! We will always be tested in our ability to give… money, time, resource, freedoms, energy, thoughts, prayer, me time, agendas and plans! 🙋It’s actually really good for us to live this way, when we stop being givers you can guarantee self kicks in on a new level and we feel isolated, selfish, self consumed and we actually can become a little hard of heart! Giving has to be done freely from a clean position which means no whiff of self! No essence of… “This will make me feel good, It will keep God happy, they will owe me then” blady blady blady blah😱! We give freely because He did, we give freely because we love! If you are having a hard time giving, check where your love lies, because love gives freely every time! (wherever your heart is your treasure lies!) Today, let’s check if we are free givers or reluctant holders? There is a difference! #beagiver! 🙋#freelygiveasyouhavefreelyreceived! 🙋

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