March 1st 2019


True Love.png


🦋We have established this week that honesty is vital in our journey to Exactness! Honest words, honest intentions, honest faith! 🙏It really is a liberating thing to Iive a focused, exact life where we are careful with our words and actions. Honesty to me is simply about being careful, handling myself and others with respect and being focused. When I lose sight of these things, I let people down, behave in a way that isn’t me, feel bad because I fell short and know I didn’t fill the space! 🤦Let’s remember though that we don’t rely on our own strength, we partner with Him who empowers us and is always for us! When we fall short, we need to get back up quickly and return to that honest position! Honesty is about making sure our behaviour and words are the same as what’s inside our heart! No discrepancies, no pretence, no hidden life! 💖This is how we live the freedom of what He did for us, He died so we can live honestly and we can live in freedom! Today, let’s think about what He did so we can be free, so we can live honestly…. he died so we can access this freely, let’s not waste that, let’s choose life today!…Selah! 💖 #sameinsideandout! 💞#beloyaltothejourney💞


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