March 20th 2019




🦋Giving is more than a function of desire, it’s a spiritual law that has consequences! In life, it all works well when there is a mutual exchange of something of value! That means that if we just take something of value (time, resource, prayers, spiritual input, advice, money etc), if we take something that costs another sacrifice or effort, and not give something equally sacrificial in return, it just doesn’t feel right! 🤦 What does this look like? 😖You always burden a friend with your troubles but are not available for theirs! 😭You don’t pay a bill to help out someone in need, but when your bank account is empty they don’t offer to help! 😞You pray properly for a sister going through it, but when you need prayer they arn’t laying hands on you! 😤When someone hurts you, you are obedient and battle your flesh to forgive them and please God, but when you let them down, they choose to remain hurt and walk away! Wow! Giving is in everything isn’t it? 🙋 Today, examine your ability to give and receive because both only work if we balance them properly! The most amazing things can be released when we get this right! 💐Giving shows the heart, and who we really are! So let’s make sure there is awareness there today! #mutualexchangeofvalue! 👩‍❤️‍👩#Checkyourheart! 💖

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