March 21st 2019




🦋 What we give to shows us where our heart is! Giving is easy when we are connected to what we are giving to! Giving freely and with joy, love, confidence and ease is not supposed to be an event🎉we are actually supposed to live a life of daily giving of ourselves to others! We give to those who don’t know Him so they can see Him, and we give to those we Labour amongst to enable Christ to work in and through us! ❤️ Honouring those who lead us is a requirement in our giving, we are instructed to give support, prayer, finances, our hearts, our hands, our time and energy to those who lead us! 💖 God watches us and watches over us constantly, do we take our leaders for granted? Enjoy the food they feed us without giving back? Do we sacrifice for them as they do for us? Are we available to hold their arms up as they lift high the purposes of God for the corporate body? Today, let’s consider our heart position towards our leaders, do we give to them as required? Are we available to honour them as they deserve? What is God saying to you about this? Let’s not be conditional with our giving where it comes with conditions, and let’s not withold from those who give to us! #witholdingisaformofcontrol! 🤦 #honourisrespect! 🙋

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