March 22nd 2019





🦋Giving then is about the heart not about our hands! We give easily to that which has our heart and that should always be about people not things! 🙋 We know that when everyone comes together, everyone has! Nobody should have need of anything.. Resources, joy, friendship, love, faith etc etc! We can’t always change people’s financial situations, but we can always take care of the little things, show support and love, break the isolation that lack brings, give genuine prayer, love and encouragement and show them how God feels about their situation! 🙋💖To do nothing because you feel others needs are too big is not ok,🤦to not give because you are in a good place and you don’t want to change that, is not ok!🤦 To respond to people’s needs religiously without a heart for them, is not ok!🤦 Walking on the other side of the road is certainly not ok! 🤦Today, ask for a bigger heart that can give attention to others needs whether physical, emotional or spiritual! Being bothered is a powerful thing in this world, and of course we need to discern what we help with and to what level, but today, let’s ask for more capacity to give to others and let Him work through us in new ways! #givemeabigger💖 #dontwalkovertheroad! 😞

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