March 23rd 2019




🦋I have enjoyed looking at giving have you? It’s good to remind ourselves from time to time! It is so easy to become hard and cynical if we let the grind of the norm get us down. Society and systems are selfish, and if we encounter several of those in a day, it can call to our hearts “if you can’t beat me, join me!” 🤦To be a giver, you need to determine that in your heart. I dealt with a tricky person recently who was hard work like never seen before! I needed a strategy quickly, and decided to just reject her negativity and selfishness by being kind, refusing to drink from her cup of doom and be myself! It was hard, because she was a very unlovable person in the natural and it would of been too easy to reject her and support the point she was trying to make!😱 Giving of myself to her and rejecting the demand she put upon me to dislike her, protected me from my heart hardening and not being myself. Today, let’s decide to be givers of ourselves, to be real in our reaching out and to not let selfish systems influence us in any way! #givingisnotconditional! 💖 #reachoutalways! 💖

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