March 24th 2019


🦋 To finish looking at giving I want us to consider something else today…. Giving to the Christ in us! How can we be givers on the scale we have looked at if we don’t give to ourselves? I am rubbish at giving to myself, I always have been,🤦I can really get to almost neglect stage at times and this all has to stop! God is so clever, (really? 😂) His word is very clear about loving others as ourselves, receiving as well as giving, taking care of ourselves for service. Sometimes we can’t help others because we just can’t give what we don’t have! Religion loves to con us that neglecting ourselves makes us please God🤦This is so not true! We have to be givers but we can only give what we own, what we live, what we do for ourselves otherwise it’s a pharisee position of doing without living it! We can’t fix others if we can’t fix ourselves! Today, let’s check our neglect levels, do we give to others but not ourselves? Do we give but not receive? Do we have the capacity to give big because we are resourced big? Time to sort it out my friends! It’s not selfish, it’s responsibility and stewardship! 💖#giveandtake🙋 #takeandgive🙋

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