March 25th 2019



🦋This week we are going to look at making assumptions! 🤦We have all been there haven’t we when we get ourselves into a right old pickle because we assumed something and it turned out the complete opposite was true! An assumption is actually a judgement that we make usually in haste based upon something we have imagined rather than something we haven proven! Assumptions are the lazy man’s discernment as they are usually sloppy, thrown together thinking we have about situations. They don’t have a lot to do with accuracy and exactness, they are things taken as truth without the proof! Today, let’s evaluate our assumption capacities! Do you jump to them quickly without care and caution or do you walk carefully making sure you have the right evidence before you take it as correct? 🤔 We cannot lean on our own understanding, our own assumptions in a situation, but we need to acknowledge Him and the truth in all things! #dontjumpin! 🙋 #knowthetruth!

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