March 26th 2019


Proverbs 3.png


🦋If our go to position is making assumptions about people, how they will act, how they think etc, then you can guarantee that you will be wrong almost every time! Assumptions are dangerous because they manipulate our perceptions, behaviours, expectations and outcomes in a situation. People who are assumption prone, don’t allow God room to work because they have put a situation in a box and are not open to anything manifesting differently! 🤦People who make assumptions tend to like appearing right or present themselves as a good judge of character but the truth is, their adamant certainty that their perception is correct, can lead not only themselves, but others astray so easily. Assumptions are manipulative because there is no room for anything different than the assumed perception! This means, no need for being led, no need for faith, no need for prophetic sustainability, no need for community or shared life because there is always a quick, fixed idea that is allowed to dictate the direction taken and the outcome chosen…. All based on an assumed truth! Wow! That’s a risky life right there! Today, let’s ask forgiveness for dangerous assumptions about who He is and how we live in Him, let’s choose to be led and be prophetic as we know the truth and that makes us free indeed! #truthyouknow! 🙋#Assumptionsmanipulate! 🤦

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