March 2nd 2019




🦋 Being honest is a battle we all face every day. If I asked us all “do you lie?” we would all say no of course not! But the truth is, It takes deliberate living to live and sustain authentic lives.🙋It’s so easy to pretend not to be you in a moment, let who we have built with Him slip under pressure, give in to that flesh when we are tired or upset, lose sight of reality in a moment of trying to impress somebody… We have all been there right?🤦What I love about life in Christ, is that I don’t have to work this all out by myself! 🎉 I have the inner stability of Holy spirit who guides me, shows me, warns me and comforts me when I get it wrong! This is the day to choose life, truth, humility and honest living! To be happy and grateful for the journey, and to value who we are so we don’t need to pretend we are something else! 🤔Today, let’s choose to get this right, to simplify our complicated thoughts and behaviours, and find peace and joy in the reality of who we really are! Dishonesty comes from a lack of acceptance or love of who we are, our reality, and that makes us distort the truth! We feel uncomfortable because we don’t really fit into our fantasies because they are not where we belong! Not being you, brings bondage and we simply are not free! Living the truth of who we are makes us free! And I choose that today! #honestliving! 💖 #honesty=the real you! 💖

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