March 3rd 2019


Truth Verse.png


🦋 I have really been grateful for this subject this week🙋It’s been great to just check myself out so I can give Him my very best as we move in exactness in this day. Honesty is a choice, a decision, a heart position that just shows that we understand perception and are able to see correctly, and that we trust Him to change us because we have identified the reality of a situation! 💖 I want to stop the nonsense, Obey that click I hear in situations which is Him showing me where He is, trust my decisions because they are honest not birthed in pretence, and be able to impart that reality to others! 🙋Remember that God always responds to an honest cry so it’s better to tell Him the truth rather than live a lie because it looks better! 🤦Let’s pray today for a better response to honesty, a better perception of what is right and a quicker reaction to his requirements for us! Thank you Lord, we really are able to not get this wrong if we just be honest and rely on you! 💖#obeytheclick👌 #honestcry🙏

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