March 4th 2019



🦋 I love the fruits of the spirit and we must not forget them! Let’s remember that they are not laws we keep (like the ten commandments) but they are fruits, evidence, manifestations, proof that He is within us! 🙋This means when we are spirit filled, we are able to manifest these things freely, at will, and with strength because it is who He is within us!These fruits dwell in our heart, and we are able to make our choices (because we have free will,) but live out those choices through these fruits! These are important to our life because they enable us to represent Him on the earth! We can excel in these virtues, and not only display Christ accurately, but we can deal with anything from a position of strength, accuracy and confidence! 🤸Today, let’s prepare our hearts for the fruits this week, let’s remind ourselves of them in the Word, and ask Him for greater manifestation of them in our life. How do we do that? we choose Him! We allow the fruits to manifest rather than letting our flesh squash them down in any given situation! Today, let’s celebrate the fruits of His life, the christos in us and be grateful we are equipped for handling any situation well that’s ahead! Remember we always manifest what rules us, so think about what fruit you manifest most, His or your flesh? 🤔 #manifesthim#squashedfruit=whine! 🍇

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