March 5th 2019

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🦋 SELF CONTROL…….. I hear a lot from my girls “sorry, I couldn’t help it!” it provides a reason, a justification, an easy option as to why our behaviour isn’t really what it should be at times! 🤦 The truth is, we can totally control ourselves at any time, we can calmly take hold of ourselves and resist whatever wants us in that moment! (usually potato chips in my case! 😂) This is a fruit of the spirit that we need to acknowledge and cherish because it will save us from a lot of misery! Self control is being able to harness ourselves in the moment and consider the consequences and outcomes, it enables us to make wise choices and walk away from those things that tempt us to respond. It enables us to say no to the demands of the flesh and say yes to His preferences which always leads to delight and reward. It covers a huge range of life from not having another piece of cake🍰 to not entering sin and apostacy. Self control is a beautiful fruit that we can practice every day, and as we accumulate the little things, we create an ease with the big dangerous things and we stay on the path! Self control is saying “your will not mine Lord,” it’s showing that wisdom is your portion and that we have relationship with Him! we can make choices that set us free constantly, and we can refuse the bondage doing as we please brings over time! #delighthim🙋 #chooselife🙋

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