March 6th 2019





🦋 KINDNESS….. Have you noticed that the world is not so kind these days? It seems that people are more programmed to look after themselves than show acts of kindness to others, it really is sad! 😢Kindness is not a mushy, forced, display of being nice, it’s an authentic position within our heart that always reaches out effortlessly at the right time. Kindness is the act of reaching out to bring light to someone in darkness, it’s like rubbing ointment on a burn or giving water in the desert🌵When the fruit of kindness manifests, it always imparts correctly, it can melt stony hearts, cause repentance, connect us to life, mend a broken heart and manifest Christ in a moment. Of course kindness is easy when it’s a stranger, but what about those who are unkind to us?🤦 We can’t withold the goodness of God just because it’s towards someone who has done us harm. That’s why it’s a fruit! It is no respecter of persons, it is not conditional, it does not reject or embrace by picking. Today, let’s revisit kindness, for me, it was the beginning of coming to Christ! someone didn’t share a Scripture, didn’t pray for me or take me to church, they simply were a sanctuary in my turmoil and it melted my heart, drew me in and set me on my way! 💖#dontpickandchoose! 🤦 #Iamsanctuary! 🙋

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