March 7th 2019




🦋 Patience is a beautiful gift given to us that enables us to wait on Him and get things right! My natural tendency is to get things done, trouble shoot and solve issues, that’s all great and I do love that about myself, 🙋but that means patience sometimes gets forgotten because I am able to produce. I love patience, it is that firm hand of the Lord on our shoulders as we are eager to run ahead! When my girls get in a tiz, they start fretting and fussing over getting things done, 🌪️in that moment I love to stop them (because I know how this is going to pan out!) 😱 Usually I call them over, put them on my lap and hug and chat with them until calmness comes. 💖 That is what patience is like in Him, He enables us to not rush ahead and we take an intimate moment with Him! 💖 Patience is about knowing the right time, so it’s part of our prophetic genes, it’s that ability to know when to stop because we don’t know what He thinks about an issue! Also, we can be patient with people and not let that messy frustration rise within us! 🙋He only did what He saw his father doing, he was able to wait patiently until he knew what and when was right! Today, let’s thank Him for patience, for prophetic ability to know, and the wisdom to not allow our flesh to run ahead in the purposes of God! Don’t you just love looking at the fruits this week?🍇 What an amazing insight into who He is, and how He wants to manifest through us! #waitaminute! 🌪️ #propheticgenes! 🙋

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