March 8th 2019


Acts 11.png


🦋FAITHFULNESS….. He is always faithful to us and his purposes, it is who He is! We can always rely on Him because of this, and that is how we can be in the earth too. Faithfulness is about being loyal, sticking to it, not giving up when it gets hard, being trusted to come through and be relied upon totally! 🙋Our ability to be faithful as wives, friends, parents and community members is vital. In any important situation do we ask “where is she?” or are you present ready to go?🙏Do we stick close to those we love and are we reliable to be part of the journey? Or are we faithful in words only and prove fickle when it really matters? 🤔Faithfulness is about getting it right because we are involved, connected, joined by purpose and have proved reliable and loyal over time. Today, let’s consider our reliability, our faithfulness to the faith, our ability to keep giving no matter what and our stickability even when things get tough! If we are not faithful in little things we cannot be faithful in big things, that’s why God gives us endless opportunities to show our reliability every day! He watches our actions but moreso our hearts to see if we are able to be loyal to the journey as He is with us! 🙋 #loyaltothejourney🙋. #faithfulheart💖

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