March 9th 2019




🦋GENTLENESS….. It’s easy to mistake gentleness for being weak but nothing can be further from the truth! Gentleness is not exclusive to quiet, timid people, gentleness is not a human quality, it’s an internal position that has nothing to do with personality! Gentleness comes from a platform of peace, it’s a manifestation of being in control of our emotions and an inner ability to be the light! Gentleness can bring the hardest truth to a situation, but because it is delivered in a beautiful way, it can be received and imparted!💖 Maturity enables us to be gentle, it allows us to communicate well and enable others to taste and see that the Lord is good! ☝️Gentleness can harness a wild horse, calm a raging sea and guide the most frantic person to peace! He deals with us with gentleness, and it reveals a heart of compassion and care for us, an Intimacy and a fruit of accurate relationship. Today, let’s review our gentleness, are we compassionate and able to impart the hardest things carefully? Or are we more a bull in the China shop? 🐂 How we are is so much more important than what we have to say!#meltourhardness! ❄️ #gentlenessisstrength! 💪

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