April 10th 2019


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🎯 Being faithful in the grind is vital, it really is a marker, a measure, a step towards life in Him on an epic scale! 💖 What we do is watched all the time, by people, by the flesh and certainly by God! We had a prophetic word in Congress from Dave Copp during TFM that said “God is watching us and watching over us!” This impacted me hugely and I have carried that in my heart and behaviours ever since! He watches over me to protect me and to love me, but also He is watching me to see what I do, to observe whether my heart is right when helping sister margie put the chairs out or whether I secretly think I am above that! 🤦 Who we are in private gives us power in public and who we are when nobody else is looking is who we really are! Today, let’s accept that who we really are cannot always be controlled, it has the habit of catching us out when our guard is down! Whatever the task, the grind, the work let us do it with joy and humility and with the same measure, energy, joy, love and gusto as if we were doing some big stuff in the name of the Lord! 💖 #Hebuildsusinthelittlethings! 🙋#watchingusandoverus! 🙋

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