April 11th 2019


The House.png


🎯 I want everything in my life to be built by Him and for Him! I am quite happy to tear down any structures that don’t come up to code in my life! 👷I am married to a building surveyor, it has its ups and downs! 😂 You have those tricky moments where he gets excited about a bit of roof or he stops the car to explain the damp problems on a passing house! 😂 😂 When we bought our new build house I said “it’s pretty let’s do it!” he said “let’s check out the cavity wall spacing and what’s behind that brickwork! 😂🤦😂 On the up, he knows about foundations and the importance of the unseen! I have drawn many a spiritual understanding from his natural observations and I secretly love that! (ssh! don’t tell him! 😂) Being faithful in the small things is like the unseen foundations of a house, it doesn’t matter how pretty the interiors are, how cosy it is in front of the fire or how many wonderful times we have with a house full of those we love, if the foundations are not in place it’s a dangerous structure that can fall at any time! 😱 Our life in Him (our home, our dwelling place) is built upon layers and layers of faithfulness! It’s being up to our knees in mud as we lay foundations with a good heart and an accurate eye for detail in the things that we will rely upon for years to come! The nitty gritty is not glamorous, pretty or exciting by nature but it is vital to support the big things that are to come! Today, let’s get some new pride, value, honour, appreciation and attention for the small foundational buildings of our life in Him, they are usually unseen but will support the weight of all who pass through them in the years to come! 💖🏠💖 #buildwithaccuracy! 👷 #lineuponline! 👷

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