April 2nd 2019


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🎯 I love and value so much that in my weakness I can find strength in Him! What a relief that my ability to walk with a firm step isn’t reliant on my own feet! 👣 We can’t talk about being strong if we don’t talk about being brave! We all want to have some courage, being able to face life with a certainty and hope! That’s what I love about being brave, it’s that certainty that He is with me and whatever the outcome, He has stood with me, is for me and in me! 💖 We all hit wobbles at times, we all feel fear or we question ourselves, but strength in Him is that utter belief and trust that He will enable us! Confidence is not knowing what to do in every situation, but it is knowing how you will handle yourself in it! 💪 I choose to be led in situations and not allow that utter panic and alarm kick in when I realise it’s all on me! What an amazing thing! To never have to rely on what I can muster up alone, to not rely on what I think or prefer, to never rely on my choices and preferred outcomes! 🙋Don’t get me wrong my lovely people, I can get it wrong and choose my way like anyone else, but I just can’t recover from that as easily as I used to! What a joy today, that whatever we face, He can equip us to get through it, and not only survive it, but stand strong with life and something to give from it to others! 🙋 What a beautiful thing that something nasty, scary and dark can produce something valuable to help and equip others in their darkness! 🔦Today, make the choice! We seem to keep coming back to this don’t we? Choose life in Him, choose to be strong in Him and weak in our own choices…… Lovely💖 #livedontjustsurvive! 🔥#choosetobestronginhim! 🙋

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