April 3rd 2019


🎯 I think there are mixed messages about who women should be in the world, and it’s really confusing! False identity is designed to squeeze you into a box and if you are lucky enough to fit, you are accepted! Unfortunately for me, there are very few boxes I fitted in! I have always been awkward, not normal 😂😂 and often rejected by the crowd because I didn’t fit in! This caused me much pain growing up but actually I am really grateful for that now! It’s not difficult now to be myself, maybe that’s age but I am really comfortable in who I am! Of course there is always room for improvement as I grow in Him, but knowing who you are and being OK with that is the greatest strength we will ever have! 🙋I wasted so much of my life hating who I was, I believed what people told me I was and had no value in myself at all. I was weak and totally unable to overcome anything because if I didn’t think I was worth fighting for, why would I let God do that for me? My community and my leadership ripped that identity from me over time, they stripped my mind of that lie and helped me build correct value and identity that made me who I am today! 💖 Being strong is not just about big things, it’s about letting the right people redefine you and being brave enough to listen, accept and Obey! My strength was in my corporate strength as it is today, we are strong because we are brave, and we are brave because we allow Him to shape us! My job is to simply allow that with humility 🙋 In that laying down of myself, strength rises and new identity is birthed, and it has actually nothing to do with my abilities, but everything to do with my will! 🙋#giveitup☝️ #dontsqueezeintothebox! 🤦


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