April 4th 2019




🎯 I am really sad today💔 I was going to bed last night and had some news about a friend of mine that kept me up for hours. I have got to admit, I didn’t feel very strong last night in myself, I sobbed for hours, felt guilty, felt like someone had slapped me over and over again!🤦Have you noticed that what you can face in a moment in daylight becomes a monster chasing you in the night? I really felt tormented, and then I realised that in that moment, I could choose to be under the claws of the night torment or gain strength in Him and face it head on! To be honest, the option of the misery I felt being my position just made me want to scream! I knew I wanted to be strong, but the pain of the situation, the sting felt very overwhelming. I wanted to make declarations and put a smile on my face, read scriptures that supported the situation and please God! In that moment, I knew what I should of done, but I was heartbroken and upset. I simply went back to the true position I always rely on… having honest dialogue with God! I told Him I was broken, that I didn’t feel strong or majestic, I simply said “I love you, I choose you and help me because I cannot help myself in this moment!” Of course He met me in that place as He always does, and strength came not as a lion’s roar, a chariot of warriors or a declaration from the heavens…. It simply came in sleep and a certainty of His presence not only around me but in me. My strength came with the knowing, the certainty, the tangible absolute that He was with me, simple, quiet but powerful. Today, let’s strip ourselves of all the fluff, let our strength be that certainty that He is with us during a raging storm or lying by pastures green resting in Him! 💖Religious expectations of how we should be doesn’t cut it in the storm, just be real and cry out to Him! #alwayswithme! ⚓ #WhenIamweakheisstrong! ⚓

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