April 5th 2019




🎯Strength is really not an option for us but an absolute necessity! We all have times when life throws us a curveball and it’s in that moment, we can stand tall and rely on that internal position of strength in Him!🙏 The truth is, we need the trying times to find out who we really are. Our faith in Him and our certainty of His faithfulness cannot be fully manifested when life is peachy, our bank accounts are full, our health is perfect and our life is a walk in the park! 🤦It takes crisis to really let us see face to face the reality, the honesty and the truth of what we say we believe, it’s then that an idea of who we think He is falls away and He reveals the authenticity of himself! Today, let’s change our thinking of crisis and hard times, it’s time to squash the fear those moments bring, time to stop avoiding going through them, stop the misery of pressure and intrusion these situations bring and face them with strength and understanding of what they are for! When we are strong in the acceptance, belief, faith and certainty of who He is in our life, dignity comes. We show ourselves as mature, controlled, peaceful and calm even in the worst moments of our life! 🙋I was so sad yesterday, I sobbed all day and felt broken, that was real! It would of been silly to pretend I was OK, happy and tickityboo, we can’t be religious or insincere in our darkest moments, but I was able to have real dialogue with Him yesterday and when Craig came home last night, he simply came and held my hand in silence and it was a beautiful moment because that is exactly what God had done with me all day! 💖Strength is not about showing control or how good we are at doing the right thing, it’s about feeling real things however bad, but we let Him hold our hand and we know it’s all going to be OK! It’s not being afraid and letting peace, joy, love and new abilities to overcome flow, because authentic, real relationship has been shaped and manifested in those moments designed to make us crumble! It’s simply the ability to run to Him and stay there in the darkness, knowing we are safe, secure and protected from our own fears, terrors and perceptions! 💖 #holdhishand💖 #strengthcomesinauthenticity💖

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