April 7th 2019





🎯Wow what a week! I really needed this teaching at the mo, and it’s such a wonderful place when we understand and accept that He is in control! 🙋I want to finish today looking at protecting our strength! You know what I mean! when we have that moment where faith arises, and we feel like we can do and be anything He desires! It’s then that we need to guard that grace and sight we have obtained. For me, when I am weak, I want to curl up on the sofa and watch Becflix until I am cross-eyed! 😵 I want to escape from the realities and waste hours anywhere other than where I should be! 🤦 It’s in those moments we need to guard our strength, we need to be careful what we connect to in order to feel strong! It’s easy to jump into trivial things that warm us for a moment but then trap us for a while! Our strength is really in accepting He is with us, holding onto the fact that He is for us, Knowing that He fights for us, and making sure we are close to Him! We need to make sure we are not lost in Becflix, a glass of wine or wrong relationships that allow us to be anything we really arn’t, in order to gain a bit of boldness when we need it! Today, let’s guard our source of strength, the knowing that He is with us and it’s never OK to doubt him and walk into fantasies that offer us nothing but a moment of power and relief! Let’s choose Him today, the one who never leaves us, never forsakes us and never let’s us go….. Wow!💖🙋💖 #guardthejourney! 💪 #mylifeisinyoulord! 💪

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