April 8th 2019





🎯 I don’t know about you but the grind of life, the day to day, the mundane, the norm, the nitty gritty whatever you call it! That’s what can tip me over the edge sometimes!🤦The little things are so easy to overlook, devalue, take for granted or cut the corners on to just get them done! These my friends are what we have to focus on this week! These little tiny things are where we start our journey to faithfulness and where we can learn our greatest lessons if we give them the attention they deserve! 🌱 It’s easy to get excited, motivated and become ready to make investments when things are manifesting and being seen, but we are called to get on board way before this ever happens, and be faithful to the seed before it ever grows! The norm of our faith, the day to day stuff, helping, caring, loving, praying, giving, sacrificing… It’s all watched by Him to see the state of the heart!💖We all have little stuff, but today let’s revalue it all, are we faithful? are we enjoying? are we valuing? are we doing it properly? are we seeing it as unto Him? Or are we moaning, griping, feeling small or insignificant in what we have been given to do?🤦 As we set the stage for this week, let’s sort this out right now! Because all things come from this as we will see this week! 💖#lookafterthesmallstuff! 🌱 #valueitall! 🌱

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