April 9th 2019




🎯 It’s so easy to get impatient with the small stuff! We all want things of substance in our lives, but where we can go so wrong is in understanding how the big things happen! Life in Christ is about individual moments working together for good! The corporate anointing is not a huge grace from God that just drops on us like a raincloud! It’s the Christ in you mingling with the Christ in me, mingling with the Christ in others and all that builds up to a power impartation with critical mass behind it! 💖 Needing £1000 today is almost impossible to muster up in an instant, but if we put away a £ every day, the resource is there when it’s needed! When we need to lose 50llbs of weight, it’s no good trying to do that in a week! You lose a llb at a time and suddenly you are at your goal! 🙋The nature of life in Christ is sustainability, crisis puts a huge often unattainable demand on us to desperately produce a big, heavy, huge thing in our life in a moment! ⛓️It doesn’t work that way! When we need faith, patience, joy, hope etc for a big thing, a crisis, a threat to our life, then we are going to be disappointed and frustrated If we have to rely in the crisis to have to put these things in place enough to produce significant fruit to carry us through! Believing God for big things comes from the daily act of having faith for the small things, for practising forever behaviour, making gratitude, faith and certainty in Him a lifestyle not an event reserved for crisis!🤦Today, let’s adjust our understanding about these things, let’s activate eternal things in the norm, the grind, the day to day because it all adds up, it all has value and it all adds critical mass for when the big things come our way! 💖#dailythingsmakeusstrong! 💪#dontleaveitiuntilcrisiscomes! 🌪️

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