April 1st 2019


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🎯 This week we are going to look at being strong! There is such confusion in society about true strength that seems to be a competition! Women are encouraged to be strong and Independant, men are encouraged to be macho and fighters and both are judged constantly by this stereotype. The truth is, we have to be strong because life is tough, but true strength comes from being in Him not falling into these worldly expectations! 💪 I saw a woman crying on TV yesterday, a man asked her “are you OK?” he was concerned and asked her twice, then this little weeping woman stopped crying and with a firm voice said “when a woman tells you she is OK, she is, don’t ask me again!” 🤦True strength is not about competing for position or rights, it is about resting in Him and knowing who you are! True strength actually can be gentle but has certainty and steadfastness not harshness or bringing any fear! We have to embrace the truth of our identity and understand what it means to be strong, otherwise we will buy into the worlds fight for being strong and that needs to be broken down not enforced within us! Today, let’s start as we mean to go on this week! Let’s ask for clear understanding on true strength and our correct identity in Him not our own efforts! #strengthinHimnotus! 💪 #trueidentity! 💪

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