March 28th 2019




🦋When assumptions are made about us it can really cause some problems! Sometimes if an outright lie is said it’s easier to deal with, but when people perceive you wrongly, it is a more subtle situation because they assume you are something you are not!🤦 I made a friend on the school run once who really enjoyed my company as I did her! She told me “I look forward to seeing you every morning because you are funny and it lifts my day!” OK, so far, so good! But then another mum who I did not know invited me to a “mums night out” and told me very confidently “you have to come, we have been told you are the life and soul and once we get the wine flowing it will be great!” 😱 An assumption had been made and communicated to others that because I was upbeat and happy, I was obviously the heaviest drinker and the entertainment on this night out! They equated my joy with their methods of getting joy which certainly weren’t mine! This is where assumptions get messy because I wanted to justify myself immediately but how would I do that without coming over all religious? It caused me anguish for a few days then I decided to deal with it face on! I declined the invite, said thanks but it’s not really my scene, and said “I’ve got church the next day anyway but thanks!” 😇The shock and disbelief was funny if I am truthful, I had been created by these women as something so far from who I am, but do you know what? I am the expert on me! I know who I am and what people think of me is none of my business! All we have to do, is be true to who we are, give it to Him, Impart the truth of who we are and leave the rest to Him! Never be afraid to correct wrong perceptions of you, but do it authentically, kindly and from the strength of who you are! In my experience, He puts right wrong perceptions of me when my heart is right and I am loyal to who I am! So much better than my fumbling attempts to convince others of who I truly am! #relyonknowingwhoyouare! 💪 #dontbegpeopletoseeyoudifferently! 💪


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