March 29th 2019


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🦋It is really easy to live a life through assumptions! That life is based upon a foundation of laziness, pride, selfishness and not wanting accurate relationship! It’s easy to make up a false perception of someone rather than take the time to build relationship and find the true person! Assumers are not thorough people, they rely on what they hear or what they calculate after a quick glance! We need to be careful in these days, walk carefully, be exact, look to see, listen to hear, build through relationship not judgements! 🙋 Assumption is the tool we can use to feed our flesh, come on! you know how it rolls… sister Mary Jo didn’t give you a hug last Sunday, she is so snooty right?🤦 Brother Timmy put a thousand pounds in the offering wow what a show off! 🤦 Little florrie is having another melt down, brother can’t her mum sort that madam out? 🤦What we don’t know is that Sister Mary Jo lost her brother and is heartbroken and all over the place🙍Brother Timmy was given a thousand pounds offered by his people group as a seed and he was just putting it in for them, 🙍Little Florrie has been up all night with chronic toothache and her mum is exhausted and can’t get an appointment until tomorrow! 🙍Human nature loves to take the easy road! give the low blow and see the worst in people! Today, let’s stop and think before we make judgements without knowing the truth, assumptions can ruin lives, destroy the soul and choke the truth, so let’s simply not partake, say no, be a true representation of Christ and do not judge after the flesh, but see by the spirit, it will look very different I promise you! 🙋 #looktosee! 💖 #notofthisworld! 💖

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