March 30th 2019




🦋 Assumptions are actually just familiarities at work! We have to guard our hearts from familiarity especially with those we have journeyed with for years! In my experience, we get comfortable with each other, we expect that others will behave and respond in a familiar way because we know their track record! 🤦 The bottom line is we have to let people change! We can’t hold them hostage to how they once were, and assumptions will always do that! Familiarity sets us up for trouble, it can determine our behaviour because we think we know the outcome ahead because we judge it on past experiences! I hate hate hate with a vengeance (soooo dramatic!🤦) cleaning my car! My house is spotless but if it has wheels that’s a man’s job right? 🤷 This is an assumption I have, Craig will always clean my car because that’s what men do! I grew up where my dad always cleaned the cars and it was his pride and joy! So I just carried that assumption through into my marriage! Unfortunately for me, my husband doesn’t hold this belief and it has caused many a moment, as I cannot believe he would just not automatically sort this for me! I will leave it until it’s almost unbearable then I will get mad because he doesn’t pick up on it! Lord! Time to get a life! Assumptions lead to nonsense behaviour because we have a strength in what we assume is the right outcome, and nothing different can challenge that! Today, let’s kill our familiarities and assumptions in the little things, it’s not a healthy position and can lead to stand offs over trivial things that slow us down! #Beccleanyourowndarncar! 🙋#familiaritybreedscontempt🤦

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